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What are HOT Bets?

Hot Bets are tips advertised on your site where the punter can only see your tip if they bet on the selection through SportsBetting.

You can choose to promote one, some or all your tips this way via HOT Bet.

You can post HOT Bet ads for your racing analysts and you can also open it up to your site visitors to tip and earn from them too.

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2 ways to earn

1. Sportsbetting revshare - when a punter starts and funds a new Sportsbetting account through your HOT Bet links they become your SportsBetting affiliate client from whom you earn monthly revshare

2. HOT Bet - you also earn from every winning HOT Bet placed through your HOT Bet links.
The more the punter visiting your site wins from the HOT Bet, the more you earn.

Hot Bet Example

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I earn if tips are already free on my site?
Affiliate FAQ

Hot Bets work just as well for tips that are free in the public domain.

To increase appeal to your audience you can hold back a few tips from public display, post them as HOT Bets and promote it as the special, roughie of the day, value chance or anything else that drives appeal to the punter.

What if I sell tips already - won't it cannibalise my sales?
affiliate FAQ

Not from our experience.

HOT Bet is proving to grow revenue from tips by monetising punters who don't pay for tips. This market represents 96% of the betting market.

Only displaying a few tips as HOT Bets, rather than all the tips for sale, is a good way to ensure that you provide a differentiated offer to punters who are prepared to pay for tips.

It only takes one HOT Bet to drive the creation and funding of Sportsbetting affiliate accounts which you earn from!

How will I know how much I have earned?
affiliate FAQ

You receive live notifications when HOT Bets are placed and a revenue report which details the revenue earned from winning HOT Bets.

HOT Bet revenue is paid monthly for the previous month balance over $50 by the 15th of the month.

Affiliate revenue is paid by SportsBetting according to their Link to SB affiliate T&Cs

Does branding appear anywhere?
affiliate FAQ

No. Your links will show no branding for or any other site other than terms and conditions as part of the sign-up process.

Who is the affiliate agreement between?
affiliate FAQ

Your betting affiliate agreement is between SportsBetting and you.

How do punters create SportsBetting accounts through HOT Bet links?
affiliate FAQ

Punters who click your HOT Bet link can easily login to bet or otherwise are taken through a quick join and deposit process.

Sportsbetting accounts created through your HOT Bet links appear on your Sportsbetting affiliate report showing daily turnover and profit statistics for your account.

How do I know HOT Bet works?
affiliate FAQ

We market tested HOT Bet as far back as 2015 with outstanding results.

Hot Bet in its current form went live in late 2020 and has continued to grow since creating thousands of new accounts and driving significant turnover.

Do I have to show profit stats on my HOT Bet landing pages?
affiliate FAQ

No you don't have to. You can choose not to show profit statistics on your HOT Bet advertisements displayed from your links.

How do I get more information?
affiliate FAQ

Come through the More info button or email us at customer service.